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But New Urbanism is all about new towns

Old Town Bluffton

Old Town Bluffton

Last weekend, we had a great time enjoying the Bluffton (SC) Village Festival. You can see some of the festivities pictured above. 

Anyone visiting but not familiar with Bluffton would probably think, "cute old town, a lot of quaint buildings and a nice variety of entertainment, food, etc." And, it's true - it's an old, historic small town that does have some great qualities.

Old Town Master Plan by Dover Kohl & Partners

Old Town Master Plan by Dover Kohl & Partners

It's also true that a lot of what you see today is the product of a master plan and form-based code authored by Dover Kohl & Partners in 2006. The scene above is directly the result of the new code. The new development north of May River Road is proceeding according to the plan, as are a series of other improvements. Important changes to roads and public spaces have happened.

Some critics of New Urbanism love to point to Seaside and Celebration and say it's all about greenfield projects. But quietly many New Urbanists have been working with towns like Bluffton for a couple of decades. The stories aren't as well known, but they're just as important. 

A few more photos below of the goings-on in Bluffton courtesy of Milt Rhodes. 

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