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A new study was released Monday by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities regarding cycle tracks, safety, perception of safety and more. I haven't read the study in depth, but here are some of the findings:

Researchers found that bicycle ridership increased on all the new studied streets, with an average increase of 72 percent. Some people said they cycle more in general because of the new lanes. Some said they would have taken another mode of transportation, such as driving or transit, or used another route if the protected lane hadn’t been there.

Cyclists said it feels safer to bicycle on the new facilities and all categories of road users said the safety of cycling on the street had increased. Perceptions of the effect on the safety of walking and driving on the street were mixed.


People classified as “interested but concerned” in cycling had the highest perception of improved safety. This group, often the target of cycling-promotion efforts, indicated overwhelming support for separating bikes from cars. Of the “interested but concerned,” 85 percent of respondents indicated they would be more likely to cycle if a barrier separated cars and bikes.

And then this from Gordon Price: some beautiful landscaping along cycle tracks in Vancouver:

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