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Thursday, May 1, 2014:

More on the tiny house movement by Eve Andrews in Grist. My report last week on this here.

A follow-up to yesterday's post on Uber & Lyft, Feargus O'Sullivan writest about what Uber is running into for problems in Europe.

Rachel Smith implores biking advocates to get better data and not feel powerless. Money quote:

If we are really passionate about making our suburbs and our cities bicycle friendly and we want cycling to compete for government funding then we need to create action plans – or a little list – of the things that we can influence & control and ignore the ones we can’t. We can all get involved in collecting data – even if it’s only how much we collectively spend at a local café on our Sunday afternoon family bicycle ride. Because bicycle advocates all have a dream: we all want more people cycling and we all want to see our dreams come true.


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